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NEC Lab - Free Download Software For Antenna Design
NEC Lab is a powerful tool that uses Numerical Electromagnetics Code (NEC2) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to design antennas. NEC Lab designs antennas based on a set of requirements (VSWR, gain, radiation pattern, etc.) for a specific frequency or bands of frequencies. First, NEC Lab analyzes and evaluates several design options to draft the antenna. Once this step is completed, NEC Lab uses fine tuning techniques to improve the draft and create the final design. Once this two step process has been completed, NEC lab will help you analyze and evaluate the resulting antenna performance.   Download version 1.0 (msi)

Neural Lab - Free Download Software For Artificial Neural Networks
Neural Lab is simulator to design and train artificial neural networks in engineering, business, computer science and technology. Version 4.0 introduces Neural Lab code to perform complex simulations programatically. Version 4.0 includes a tutorial with problems and exercises with step by step instructions to solve some of the classical problems in artificial intelligence. Neural Lab can be used to teach a graduate class.  
  • The tutorial includes definitions and tips about the proper use of ANN.
  • Neural Lab integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio with C++ (Win32 - Wintempla) to incorporate Artificial Neural Networks in custom applications, research simulations or end user interfaces.
  • Neural Lab checks for errors on the data sets before using it for training; saving a considerable amount of time.
  • The activation interface allows testing an ANN in real time, making possible to compare visually actual neural network output with the desired target.
  • The problems are organized by steps making clear what the current goal of the problem is at each step.
  Download version 4.0 (msi)

Wintempla - Free Download Software For Microsoft Windows Development
 Wintempla is a Microsoft Visual Studio template. It integrates with the Visual Studio IDE and allows writing code in C++ similar to C#, Java or MFC. Wintempla is a set of classes that encapsulates the Win32 API. The main files, Wintempla.h, Wintempla.cpp, WintemplaWin.h and WintemplaWin.cpp, implement all of these classes. One advantage of Wintempla is that the programmer has the option to use the native Win32 APIs or the Wintempla classes. Additionally, all Wintempla code can be inspected in order to learn the dark secrets of Win32. The templates include assistance for:
  • SQL database applications
  • Simulated annealing optimization
  • Genetic algorithm optimization
  • Data visualization (bar plot, polar plot, x-y plot, 3D view, data histogram)
  • Asynchronous module for Digital to Analog converters
  • Asynchronous module for Analog to Digital converters
  • Asynchronous module for serial ports
  • OpenGL
  • Multithread applications
  • Document printing
  • Microsoft Windows services
  • GUI deployment
  • Digital Signal Processing (FFT and Filtering)
  • Common Object Model (COM)
  • Compiling (Lexical Analysis, Compiler and Virtual Machine)
  • Artificial Neural Networks
  • Matrix operations
It is an excellent tool for application development in engineering, business or for research.
Download Wintempla for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
Download Wintempla for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012

Wintempla Setup
  1. Download the Wintempla setup file.
  2. Save the file in your computer.
  3. Microsoft Visual Studio must be closed during the installation of Wintempla.
  4. In Microsoft Windows XP, double click the setup file to setup Wintempla. In Microsoft Windows Vista or 7, right click with the mouse and execute the installation file as Administrator.
  5. Open Microsoft Visual Studio, the Wintempla icon should appear under the Tools menu. If Wintempla does not appear perform the following steps, otherwise you are done
  1. Open Microsoft Visual Studio
  2. In the menu select: Tools > Customize...
  3. In Commands Tab: click the Add Command button
  4. In the categories: select AddIns (Complementos). Wintempla must appear in the list, if it does not, it means that the installation failed. Select Wintempla and press the OK button
  5. Press the Move Down button to move Wintempla to the right in the top toolbar of Microsoft Visual Studio. Press the Close button to close the dialog.

Sync Lab - Free Download Software USB and Hard Drive Syncronization
Sync Lab is a powerful tool that compares folder structure and content. Sync Lab can be configure to exclude specific files or folder from the comparison. First, Sync Lab offers a preview of the syncronization, second, the user can syncronize his files to a USB drive or another Hard Drive.   Download version 1.0 (msi)

Free Download Software for Long-Range Dependence Series Synthesis and Analysis
LRD Lab is a laboratory to analyze and synthesize LRD series with constant or variable Hurst parameter.  It allows you to
  • Create LRD series using several approximation methods.
  • Create LRD series with combined values of the Hurst parameter.
  • Analyze LRD series for different methods.
  • Detect changes on the Hurst parameter using the Transition-Variance plot.
Download version 1.0

Downloading and Installing Microsoft Visual Studio
Microsoft Visual Studio is a IDE to compile programs in several languages. Most students and professors may use their university email account to download Microsoft Visual Studio.
  1. Download the ISO file from the Microsoft Visual Studio site www.dreamspark.com
  2. Use WinRAR to expand the image file *.ISO that you download in the previous step
  3. Create a data DVD with the files of Microsoft Visual Studio for future installation
  4. Execute the Microsoft Visual Studio set up program. Depending in your computer configuration you may some conflicts during the installation. You may search the Internet for solutions. Try to use your computer skills to set up the software properly.
  5. Once the installation has been completed, open Microsoft Visual Studio to verify that was properly installed
  6. Close Microsoft Visual Studio
  7. Download Microsoft Visual Studio Service Pack 1 or Updates (www.microsoft.com search for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Service Pack in ISO format or Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Updates). Save a copy in a data DVD. Use WinRAR to expand the ISO file. Install the Microsoft Visual Studio Service Pack or the Microsoft Visual Studio Update
  8. Open Microsoft Visual Studio to verify that the Service Pack was properly installed
  9. Close Microsoft Visual Studio

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